Friday, 19 November 2010

Painted 15mm Conan figure

One pic to share of my painted 15mm Conan proxy for use with my 15mm gladiators (There are more pictures in a previous post if you're interested).

The figure is from Majister Militums fantasy range. He came up quite puny next to the 15mm Gladiators I had already, so I mounted him on an extra penny to compensate for the height difference.

Really like the figure and great addition to my Gladiator school. Just have a few final figures left to paint then I will be buying some 15mm animals to add to the collection.

As an after thought and question from a TMP member I thought I would include a pic of the rest of the Majister Militum fantasy pack.

Thanks for looking, comments welcomed.



1st painted Automaton squad

Wanted to share some photo's of my painted 15mm Automatons. Just the first test squad at the moment. Really easy to paint and quickly too, so I imagine more to come quite soon. I bought enough to have a similar size force to pit aganist my USMC marines.

I have always been a real fan of all the clasic 90's sci-fi movies (Predator, Aliens, Terminator etc) and have really enjoyed finding so many excellent 15mm ranges of near perfect (In my mind at least) proxies on the market to re-create armies based on my favorite film characters. With all the graphic novels and books available as part of the expanded universes for each franchise there is a near endless source of inspiration for cool scenarios.

Doing a Terminator themed army spawned from me recently getting hold of a copy of the- Aliens V's Predator V's The Terminator graphic novel. After reading the story (Excellent BTW, check out this link for a wiki break down if you're interested)

I had to get some of Alternate armies Automatons to recreate scenarios from the graphic. Also there is endless potential to expand on these for large army sized engagements.

Hope you enjoy, thanks for reading.



“Ummm bad asses” (Completed 15mm USMC marine corps: Figs from QRF)

“Ummm bad asses” (Completed 15mm USMC marine corps: Figs from QRF)
This post is a testament that projects can be completed! I have to admit to being one of those collectors that flits between projects and never actually ever completes one. On this occasion I have broken my own rule.

Find pictured my completed 15mm colonial marine themed (of Aliens fame) infantry forces. I have split them in to 4, 10 man squads including: Sergeant, x2 flamers and a smart gun in each. Each squad includes at least one head swap from GZG’s heads to add a bit of character and I have tried; where-ever possible to not have duplicate poses with-in a squad.

I have to say over-all I am really pleased with the results and with the benefit of hind-sight would only have added camouflaging to their kit. Especially having recently read a really easy “how-to” that I thought even I could have followed.

I am going to invest in a number of rules sets so I can use these figs for several game variants. After much help from TMP I have decided to go with 5150 and the upcoming “tomorrows war”.

Future of this project:

I have already bought x2 of Khurasan’s awesome APC models, one of which is painted and I have nearly completed the basing (pics to follow shortly) and x2 dropships from GZG. So each squad will have its own transport. I will be adding some of Khuraran’s new walkers to my forces and have a few drone gun proxies from GZG. Once painted I think it will be a force to be proud of but for now at least the infantry are competed.

Thanks for looking comments welcomed.



Monday, 2 August 2010

Painted 15mm Gladiators comparison

This is a new project that I have been working on. Pictured are miniatures from the three companies I have managed to find that make 15mm Gladiators. If you know of any more I would be keen to hear of them.

Pictured from left to right in both images: Museum miniatures, Miniature wargames, Outpost wargames, Museum miniatures, Miniature wargames, Outpost wargames.

The size and build of the figures differ quite a bit between manfacurer but I don't think they look out of place next to each other.

Comments welcome.



Blood bowl sideline figures

This was a really cool batch of minitures to paint and offered a welcome break from some other projects I have been working on.

I have been trying to get hold of "Orc from Bilbao's" referee figure for quite some time and was lucky enough to see one for sale on ebay recently. I really love this figure and not just because I am a massive batman fan but because it captures all the fun and character of the game.

He is pictured alongside Heresy's Deathball coach and GZG's "Gentlemens collectables" nurse figure. I will be using her as my teams apothacry.

Thanks for looking


Khurasan's painted APC

When I first saw this model on dropships blog I knew I had to have one. It was exactly what I was after and really captures the feel of the movies and looks great alongside my figures.

To do the miniature justice I bought some of forge worlds weathering powders. This being the first time I have used powders on a miniature I would appreciate any views or tips on how you feel the effects have turned out. FYI I used the rust and dark mud powders.

I was quite happy with the end results but it's always nice to get a 2nd opinion.

Thanks for looking


15mm painted "Alien" comparison

I've seen some very helpful blog posts giving comparisons on the scale of the various 15mm Alien figures available out there, but thought it might be nice to do a compariosn on how they look together when painted and based in the same theme.

Hope this post is of use.

Figures from left to right: QRF's Large Alien bipeds (2 figs), GZG's xenomorph, Khurasan's Space demons, which are my personal favorite (2 figs) and finally QRF's small Alien bi-ped.

Thanks for looking


Pendraken Alien eggs

Hi guys, been a long while since my last post but let me asure you I have not been idle and have a number of project updates to share this time.

First off; Pendrakens 10mm Alien eggs pictured alongside some of QRF's Deep space marine casualty figures and small alien bipeds to give you an idea of scale. Although they are meant to be part of 10mm collections I still feel the scale fits with the rest of the 15mm figures in the picture and am pleased with the end results and quality of the Pendraken figures.

Thanks for looking.


Sunday, 2 May 2010

QRF marines with GZG head swops

After seeing an excellent heads swops tutorial over on Mark's blog "Dropship horizon" I thought I would have a go myself. I am really pleased with the results especially as this is the first time I have tried any level of miniature conversion in the decade plus I have been collecting models.

The GZG heads are awesome and I can't wait to find a use for the rest as this is just a small selection of the two packs I bought. I only used a few just to add some personalisation to my marine squads.

Have ordered some of Khurasan's superb new APC models which I will be getting stuck into as the next part of this project. 

Feedback and comments welcome.

Thanks for reading


Sunday, 11 April 2010

Painted GZG Xenomorphs

Hi guys, just the one pic of my weekends progress painting some of GZG's Xeno's.

Really nice figures. Will look good alongside the rest of my Aliens horde. I also bought some of GZG's 15mm sci fi heads last week which i'm going to be using to do some head swaps with QRF's deep space marines. WIP pics to follow, hopefully by next weekend.

As always thanks for looking.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Finished Star wars miniatures Fringe collection

Although these are pre-paints I thought this still warrented a post.

I started collecting the WOTC's Star wars miniatures shortly after the Clone strike set came out. As a huge fan of the films and multi media I have been trying to complete a collection of all my fovorite Bounty hunters, Jedi, Dark jedi and other Dark side characters from between the Phantom menace era right through to Return of the Jedi era.

I had been quite happy plodding along buying a few miniatures here and there from ebay until I heard that WOTC are discontinuing the line so they will be oop come August this year! Since hearing this news I have been franticly trying to complete my collection before they become harder or more expensive to get hold of.

With this is mind I have just completed the set of Fringe characters I want, failing any cool new releases coming out in the Masters of the force set due out next month!

Thought i'd share a photo with you.

Characters from left to right; Maris Brood, Komari Vosa, Aurra Sing, Zam Wesell, Boushh, Greedo, bib Fortuna, Jabba the Hutt, Boba Fett, 4-Lom, Dengar, Zuckuss, Bossk and IG-88.

I think they make quite a formidable squad!

As I complete the other parts to this collection I will post a few images. Hopefully I should complete my Seperatists squad by the end of the month.



Friday, 5 March 2010

Get away from her you bitch; Painted QRF Alien Queen

Hi guys just a quick update on my painted QRF Alien Queen. 

Hopefully by the end of next month I will have this project completed, just need to order the last of the figures I want from Khurasan and GZG. I was going to order from Khurasan this month but after seeing the awesome APC model they have coming out I thought I would hold fire and order everything at once. 

While i'm waiting to order the miniatures I am going to concentrate on painting up one of my two WZ Hurricane walkers. I put one of the walkers together at the same time as the Alien queen so it's primed and ready for painting; just need to decide on a colour scheme so I have been flicking through all the old Target games books I have to get some inspiration.

I've had another distraction this week; The new AVP game for the xbox 360. One word; Awesome. Any fans of the AVP universe from the films and graphic novels etc should definately own this. The back story surrounding the colonial marines missions is panning out well and the game play is fluent. That being said it is quite hard as you need to be sparce with ammo use and it's a very jumpy game! If you ever remember playing the 1990's PC version at night with all the lights out in your room then this game is for you!

Thanks for reading.


Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Warzone Imperial Ordnance officer

Latest blog addition; Painted WZ Imperial Ordnance officer. I was lucky enough to get this miniature from a fellow TMP member who kindly sold it too me and sent it to me all the way from the US. I stripped the paint down so I could paint it to keep in theme with my already painted Trenchers. 

I have nearly bought all the miniatures I require for this project; having managed to pick up a rams air cavalry model from ebay last week. So just require one more rams air cav model and 4 Imperial trenchers regulars and all I need do is paint it all!

The picture was taken using my flash as the weather in the UK this last week has been some-what overcast so sadly the Green looks alot brighter than it is in the flesh.

Hope you enjoy the pic.


Thursday, 18 February 2010

Painted QRF Aliens and face huggers

My latest pics are of my recently painted QRF Aliens and face huggers. I decided to split the force in two even halfs and paint them different shades; the first I painted Midnight Blue then dry brushed them with Enchanted Blue the second I painted Dark angels Green then dry brushed Snot Green. They were then inked with GW black ink, based and varnished. It was a very quick way of painting them and looks quite effective in my opinion.

I split the force in two halfs so that I could play Alien vs Alien games as well as combining the force for AVP or Aliens vs colonial marines scenarios.

The inspiration for the Aliens vs Aliens games came from reading an old Dark horse comic; Aliens Genocide. Essentially a schism forms between two groups of Aliens when the Alien Queen mother is taken from her home planet and killed at the end of the Earth war story ark. This forms two distinct tribes of Aliens that have a civil war for control of the planet. Throw of party of marines landing on the planet to collect the Queens "Royal jelly" in to the mix and you have the basis of a very exciting scenario! 

I am going to order more Aliens from Khurasan and GZG at the end of the month and also some Aliens eggs from Pendraken so expect further pictures early next month of the completed project.

Hope you enjoy the pics.


Thursday, 11 February 2010

Painted 15mm QRF Predators


A few pics of my recently painted QRF Predators to share. Am working nights this week so had my days free to get painting and finally make head way on some projects I started last year!

I am now going to start on my Alien horde just as soon as I can figure out a paint scheme. Sadly Aliens seem to come in various colour shemes ranging from dark Blue in the original film (Alien) to a dark Green as seen in Alien 3. May try doing a mix of both colours. Will hopefully have pics of these to share in the next week or so.

Hope you enjoy the pics. Comments welcome.


Monday, 8 February 2010

WZ Imperial trencher unit


Here are some final pictures of my first fully completed metal trencher unit. I looked long and hard to find the sniper figure and was lucky enough to get hold of a few from prince august quite recently. Still have enough unpainted figures to field a second squad complete with Hero, HMG and sniper. I am still on the look out for some more metal trencher troops so I can make both squads upto 10 men each.

I was also lucky enough to win a bid on a second Imperial walker from ebay a week or two ago so now only need to paint my plastic regulars and locate some rams air cavalry and this army will be complete and just requiring painting.

Due to the hassle getting hold of WZ miniatures now and also due to the quality of the miniatures I have decided to use GW forge world death korps of Kreig figures as proxy Bauhaus to face off against my Imperials. I think the style of figures compliments each other and also leaves me open to use either ultimate WZ rules or 40k for home grown games.


Hope you enjoy the pics.

28mm Hasslefree "Alien hunters"


Here are some pictures of my recently finished 28mm Hasslefree "Alien hunters". I really enjoyed painting these figures and will be using them in small scale scenarios against some predators I bought from Copplestone casting and a particularily nice predator figure I picked up from Heresy miniatures.


I am still looking for suitable 28mm Aliens to use. I have been advised of the Wizkids Aliens which are now quite hard to find in the UK and also the old Leading edge games dedicated Aliens range. I actually own a box of each of the two leading edge Aliens boxed sets but want to leave these unpainted. If anyone can think of any other good quality manufacturers of Aliens (esk) miniatures I'd be keen to hear of them.

Thanks for looking


Final pics; 15mm QRF Colonial marines, get some....


In a previous post I had taken some WIP pictures of my painted QRF marines. These are the final pictures of the completed figures. Shows two squads plus the casualty figures.

I really rate the QRF miniatures and am now in the process of painting up thier predators for use against my marines and an Alien horde that I will be starting work on once the predators are complete.