Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Warzone Imperial Ordnance officer

Latest blog addition; Painted WZ Imperial Ordnance officer. I was lucky enough to get this miniature from a fellow TMP member who kindly sold it too me and sent it to me all the way from the US. I stripped the paint down so I could paint it to keep in theme with my already painted Trenchers. 

I have nearly bought all the miniatures I require for this project; having managed to pick up a rams air cavalry model from ebay last week. So just require one more rams air cav model and 4 Imperial trenchers regulars and all I need do is paint it all!

The picture was taken using my flash as the weather in the UK this last week has been some-what overcast so sadly the Green looks alot brighter than it is in the flesh.

Hope you enjoy the pic.


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  1. Hey mate, any other pics of this fig? Does he come with that gun on his back stock? Hit me with an email at: