Friday, 14 January 2011

Painted RAFM Crewmen

Bought this pack simply for the pilot figure which I think is the best 15mm offering on the market. Will be using him as a dropship pilot in my USMC army. I decided to use a couple of the other figures for characters in the army as well.

I did a head swop to one of the figures using GZG's heads; now I think two of the figures will be well suited to the role of general in "the beloved corps". The final figure I will use as the dropships crew chief.

Hope you like the pic.

comments welcomed.

Painted Battle Robots (Terminators) The Scene

Pictured are my recently painted Battle bots squad from The Scene. Came across them when I discovered the US Special forces set; they produce and thought they would make a good addition to my Terminator army and would go well alongside the Alternative Armies Automatons I have.

I have also included a comparison image of The Battle bots and Automatons together.

Hope you like the pics.

Comments welcomed.


Painted US Special Forces - The Scene

As soon as I saw these guys I had to have them. They really capture the look and feel of the characters in the Predator movie in every aspect and look great in 15mm. Looking forward to using them in some cool scenarios.

Hope you like them. Comments welcome.