Thursday, 18 February 2010

Painted QRF Aliens and face huggers

My latest pics are of my recently painted QRF Aliens and face huggers. I decided to split the force in two even halfs and paint them different shades; the first I painted Midnight Blue then dry brushed them with Enchanted Blue the second I painted Dark angels Green then dry brushed Snot Green. They were then inked with GW black ink, based and varnished. It was a very quick way of painting them and looks quite effective in my opinion.

I split the force in two halfs so that I could play Alien vs Alien games as well as combining the force for AVP or Aliens vs colonial marines scenarios.

The inspiration for the Aliens vs Aliens games came from reading an old Dark horse comic; Aliens Genocide. Essentially a schism forms between two groups of Aliens when the Alien Queen mother is taken from her home planet and killed at the end of the Earth war story ark. This forms two distinct tribes of Aliens that have a civil war for control of the planet. Throw of party of marines landing on the planet to collect the Queens "Royal jelly" in to the mix and you have the basis of a very exciting scenario! 

I am going to order more Aliens from Khurasan and GZG at the end of the month and also some Aliens eggs from Pendraken so expect further pictures early next month of the completed project.

Hope you enjoy the pics.


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