Friday, 19 November 2010

“Ummm bad asses” (Completed 15mm USMC marine corps: Figs from QRF)

“Ummm bad asses” (Completed 15mm USMC marine corps: Figs from QRF)
This post is a testament that projects can be completed! I have to admit to being one of those collectors that flits between projects and never actually ever completes one. On this occasion I have broken my own rule.

Find pictured my completed 15mm colonial marine themed (of Aliens fame) infantry forces. I have split them in to 4, 10 man squads including: Sergeant, x2 flamers and a smart gun in each. Each squad includes at least one head swap from GZG’s heads to add a bit of character and I have tried; where-ever possible to not have duplicate poses with-in a squad.

I have to say over-all I am really pleased with the results and with the benefit of hind-sight would only have added camouflaging to their kit. Especially having recently read a really easy “how-to” that I thought even I could have followed.

I am going to invest in a number of rules sets so I can use these figs for several game variants. After much help from TMP I have decided to go with 5150 and the upcoming “tomorrows war”.

Future of this project:

I have already bought x2 of Khurasan’s awesome APC models, one of which is painted and I have nearly completed the basing (pics to follow shortly) and x2 dropships from GZG. So each squad will have its own transport. I will be adding some of Khuraran’s new walkers to my forces and have a few drone gun proxies from GZG. Once painted I think it will be a force to be proud of but for now at least the infantry are competed.

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  1. Awesome figures! Looking forward to seeing the vehicles.