Thursday, 11 March 2010

Finished Star wars miniatures Fringe collection

Although these are pre-paints I thought this still warrented a post.

I started collecting the WOTC's Star wars miniatures shortly after the Clone strike set came out. As a huge fan of the films and multi media I have been trying to complete a collection of all my fovorite Bounty hunters, Jedi, Dark jedi and other Dark side characters from between the Phantom menace era right through to Return of the Jedi era.

I had been quite happy plodding along buying a few miniatures here and there from ebay until I heard that WOTC are discontinuing the line so they will be oop come August this year! Since hearing this news I have been franticly trying to complete my collection before they become harder or more expensive to get hold of.

With this is mind I have just completed the set of Fringe characters I want, failing any cool new releases coming out in the Masters of the force set due out next month!

Thought i'd share a photo with you.

Characters from left to right; Maris Brood, Komari Vosa, Aurra Sing, Zam Wesell, Boushh, Greedo, bib Fortuna, Jabba the Hutt, Boba Fett, 4-Lom, Dengar, Zuckuss, Bossk and IG-88.

I think they make quite a formidable squad!

As I complete the other parts to this collection I will post a few images. Hopefully I should complete my Seperatists squad by the end of the month.



Friday, 5 March 2010

Get away from her you bitch; Painted QRF Alien Queen

Hi guys just a quick update on my painted QRF Alien Queen. 

Hopefully by the end of next month I will have this project completed, just need to order the last of the figures I want from Khurasan and GZG. I was going to order from Khurasan this month but after seeing the awesome APC model they have coming out I thought I would hold fire and order everything at once. 

While i'm waiting to order the miniatures I am going to concentrate on painting up one of my two WZ Hurricane walkers. I put one of the walkers together at the same time as the Alien queen so it's primed and ready for painting; just need to decide on a colour scheme so I have been flicking through all the old Target games books I have to get some inspiration.

I've had another distraction this week; The new AVP game for the xbox 360. One word; Awesome. Any fans of the AVP universe from the films and graphic novels etc should definately own this. The back story surrounding the colonial marines missions is panning out well and the game play is fluent. That being said it is quite hard as you need to be sparce with ammo use and it's a very jumpy game! If you ever remember playing the 1990's PC version at night with all the lights out in your room then this game is for you!

Thanks for reading.