Sunday, 11 April 2010

Painted GZG Xenomorphs

Hi guys, just the one pic of my weekends progress painting some of GZG's Xeno's.

Really nice figures. Will look good alongside the rest of my Aliens horde. I also bought some of GZG's 15mm sci fi heads last week which i'm going to be using to do some head swaps with QRF's deep space marines. WIP pics to follow, hopefully by next weekend.

As always thanks for looking.


  1. These are cool! I've been a fan of Aliens since the 80's. I even had the chance to take art lessons from Mark Nelson (who did the illos for the first Aliens comic series by Dark Horse). I've gotten to know him a little, he's a great guy!

    Have you check out Khurasan Miniatures aliens series?

  2. I have and will be ordering from it in the near future. Been waiting for thier seriously cool APC to come out.

    I was also a massive fan of the dark horse Aliens graphics novels.