Friday, 19 November 2010

1st painted Automaton squad

Wanted to share some photo's of my painted 15mm Automatons. Just the first test squad at the moment. Really easy to paint and quickly too, so I imagine more to come quite soon. I bought enough to have a similar size force to pit aganist my USMC marines.

I have always been a real fan of all the clasic 90's sci-fi movies (Predator, Aliens, Terminator etc) and have really enjoyed finding so many excellent 15mm ranges of near perfect (In my mind at least) proxies on the market to re-create armies based on my favorite film characters. With all the graphic novels and books available as part of the expanded universes for each franchise there is a near endless source of inspiration for cool scenarios.

Doing a Terminator themed army spawned from me recently getting hold of a copy of the- Aliens V's Predator V's The Terminator graphic novel. After reading the story (Excellent BTW, check out this link for a wiki break down if you're interested)

I had to get some of Alternate armies Automatons to recreate scenarios from the graphic. Also there is endless potential to expand on these for large army sized engagements.

Hope you enjoy, thanks for reading.



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