Monday, 2 August 2010

Blood bowl sideline figures

This was a really cool batch of minitures to paint and offered a welcome break from some other projects I have been working on.

I have been trying to get hold of "Orc from Bilbao's" referee figure for quite some time and was lucky enough to see one for sale on ebay recently. I really love this figure and not just because I am a massive batman fan but because it captures all the fun and character of the game.

He is pictured alongside Heresy's Deathball coach and GZG's "Gentlemens collectables" nurse figure. I will be using her as my teams apothacry.

Thanks for looking


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  1. I really like the ref, where is it from? I've been toying with getting the Ogre ref from Heresy Minis. Have you seen their "Death Ball" range?