Monday, 8 February 2010

WZ Imperial trencher unit


Here are some final pictures of my first fully completed metal trencher unit. I looked long and hard to find the sniper figure and was lucky enough to get hold of a few from prince august quite recently. Still have enough unpainted figures to field a second squad complete with Hero, HMG and sniper. I am still on the look out for some more metal trencher troops so I can make both squads upto 10 men each.

I was also lucky enough to win a bid on a second Imperial walker from ebay a week or two ago so now only need to paint my plastic regulars and locate some rams air cavalry and this army will be complete and just requiring painting.

Due to the hassle getting hold of WZ miniatures now and also due to the quality of the miniatures I have decided to use GW forge world death korps of Kreig figures as proxy Bauhaus to face off against my Imperials. I think the style of figures compliments each other and also leaves me open to use either ultimate WZ rules or 40k for home grown games.


Hope you enjoy the pics.


  1. I always liked those Trenchers, you've done them justice here. The old Warzone line has a lot of good looking figs in it actually...

  2. Very well done on this painted unit - as stated above - you have done them justice.

    I always felt that the WZ figures were very good and I particularly liked the Bauhaus troops, even producing some scratch-built vehicles.

    Keep up the good work