Wednesday 17 March 2021

15mm Hundred Years War English Archers


My first batch of English Archers for my Hundred Years War English Army that I am building specifically to recreate the English Army of Agincourt. The bases comprise Corvus Belli (Old metal figures), Donnington NE, Khurasan, with Peter Pig Stakes. There’s also some figures from a manufacturer I can’t recall included on the Stake bases. Anyone know who the manufacturer is?

I’m really pleased with the mix of figures and how they all worked together. Initially I had reservations about how they would look mixed on the same base as some of the Khurasan figures seemed larger than their Corvus Belli and Donnington counterparts, but I am very happy with the end results. They all share the same look and feel which helped.

I’ve got some more Donnington, and Khurasan archers and knights waiting in the wings to be painted and I’ve ordered the newly rereleased Corvus Belli/Ultracast English starter army, and will be working through the rest of the army in future posts. I only bought a few packs of the metal Corvus belli figures before they went out of production, so am pretty excited by their rerelease. Never painted 15mm plastic figures though, so we’ll see how that works out.

The command base is depicting Sir Thomas Erpingham. I tried to emulate the figure and paint job from one of Osprey’s HYW books, and think he looks the part. Interestingly he was born in my home town of Norwich in the UK, and is buried in the Norwich Cathedral grounds. Nice to see a local lad do well.

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